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Carriacou! The wait is finally over, get ready for the 40th annual Carriacou Parang Festival from Friday 15th to Sunday 17th December 2017 at Hillsborough Tennis Court.

Friday 15th – Open-air Soca and Parang down town main street Hillsborough, starting at 4:00pm.

Saturday 16th – The official launching of the 2017 festival, then get ready to laugh your belly full as the Carriacou Parang Festival Committee in conjunction with the LaBoucan Creative Centre headed by renowned play writer Francis Urias Peters, brings to you the new and exciting drama play RIVALS.

Show time 8:30pm, tickets $30.00 in advance and $40.00 at the gate, it’s the perfect occasion to bring the entire family out for a night of fun and laughter. Then party after to the music of a live band.

Finally on Sunday 17th December it’s Parang Melee and comess time as bands come face to face in competition, all trying to dethrone reigning champ BC AllStars from 9:00pm. Tickets cost $30.00 in advance and $40.00 at the gate.

Get all tickets from Lotto office, Ade’s Dream, Mathesons and Kim’s Plaza in Hillsborough.

Results from Carriacou Parang Festival 2015

Best Dressed Band Winners
1st Place          Camoon Boys
2nd Place         Ghetto Youths
3rd Place         Rhythmist

Competition Results
1st Place       Bc AllStars - 488 points
2nd Place      Ghetto Youths - 484 points
3rd Place       Camoon Boys - 483 points
4th Place       BBH Serenaders - 476 points
5th Place      Rhythmist - 378 points

Maybe you might be planning your vacation to visit another Caribbean Island or probably you just want to get away from the cold winter weather. If so, then here is the perfect opportunity to visit the beautiful Grenada Grenadines Island of Carriacou to witness the annual Carriacou Parang Festival.

Carriacou is rich with traditional culture, these includes; Big Drum, Quadrill Dancing, Shakespeare Mass, Tombstone Feast and the list could go on and on......

However one aspect of Carriacou's Culture that everyone must experience even if it is only once in a lifetime is the Annual Carriacou Parang Festival.

The festival is held every year in the month of December on the weekend preceeding December 25th (Christmas Day), and it attracts thousands of locals and visitors from across the region and indeed the rest of the world
. Read More About Carriacou Parang Festival......

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