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About Us    
The Carriacou Parang Festival Committee is a subsidiary body of the Mt. Royal Progressive Youth Movement (MRPYM) and is a non-profitable organization. All the funds raised are channeled through MRPYM to undertake community projects throughout Carriacou and Petite Martinique.

The Carriacou Parang Festival Committee was formed in 1977 through the initiative of Mr. Bently Thomas along with a few other young men from the village at the time.

The Committee hails from the beautiful village of Mt. Royal in Carriacou and has its headquarters located there. Meetings of the committee is tied into the general assemble of MRPYM and is scheduled for every Tuesday beginning at 7:00pm at Mt. Royal.

However when the Parang Season Launches Officially at the beginning of September each year, the committee meets separately to plan fund raising activities leading up to the festival in the month of December.

Membership is opened to the general public and everyone is free to join the committee once they’re prepared to abide by the Constitution of MRPYM. Each member’s service is rendered voluntarily throughout.

The Committee comprises of twelve (12) members; Chairperson, Assistant Chairperson, Treasurer, Assistant Treasurer, Secretary, Assistant Secretary, Mobilisaton Officer, Public Relation Officer ( PRO), Assistant Public Relation Officer and three (3) floor members.

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